Come Explore the World with Me

About Me

Welcome! My name is Annmarie Kostyk. I’m an armchair traveler who has decided to get off her tush and start traveling on adventures! I’ve been a huge lover of vacations since I was a kid. Put me in anything moving and I fall asleep until I get there – unless I’m driving! I have a passport burning a hole in my pocket. So many magnificent places to visit in the world. So many beautiful people to meet. So many experiences waiting to happen.

I have taken my overflowing folders, notebooks, and brochures and I’m going to share ideas with you. We’re also going places, baby! I’ll be talking about and traveling to places local to me, around my United States, and the world. You’ll learn about obscure places as well as traditional places everyone likes to go. I’ll be updating you on great deals, the latest places you need to go to, and waiting to hear from you for your ideas too!

There’s day traveling, weekend travels, long weekends, lengthy trips, and what I can only call destiny voyages. We can do all of them.

So no more arm chair traveler! Strap in, make sure your passport is up to date, update your frequent flyer programs, and lets go.